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Wanted Authors that would like for us to sell their
Lawn Service - Landscape Business Products

Lawnbook.com is a one stop shop for business help books and software to assist business owners in the lawn service and landscape business to learn and grow. If you are an author that has written books or software for the green industry and are interested in letting Lawnbook.com market your products please read further.

Authors products sold at Lawnbook.com must be of good quality and have perceived value for the lawn service - landscape business professional. You must stand behind your products and at all times provide excellent customer service. You must fill your orders in a timely manner (48 hours or less) & be able to communicate with the customer and Lawnbook.com when needed.

Authors must be able to process charge cards online, over the phone or through PayPal. This is a must in order to process customer orders in a timely manner. If you need help with this please let us know.

If questions concerning the quality of your products should arise from Lawnbook.com or a customer, you could be asked to produce an exact working example to be reviewed by Lawnbook.com at your expense and possibly not having it returned. The quality of products sold here must be of good perceived value by the customers visiting here at all times.

You must have full copyrights to the product sold here & you must be the sole author of the products in its entirety that you want sold at Lawnbook.com. If you feel that you & your products can meet all of the above criteria on this page, please click here to contact us concerning us partnering with you to sell your products at Lawnbook.com.


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